Secondary Programmes

Investigating Environmental Quality

Using photographs, maps, field sketches and other fieldwork techniques, students perform an environmental quality assessment in central Hammersmith. The development of the area in the past, the current environment and a variety of future scenarios are researched and debated.
Links to key stage 3 Geography.

Fulham Reach: Changing urban land use over time

Fulham Reach provides an excellent case study of an area of change; pre-industrial market gardens, riverside wharves and factories in the 18th and 19th centuries, post-industrial decline and then waterfront redevelopment. Students use direct observation, maps, field sketching and photographs to investigate the processes which have shaped this area.

Links to key stage 3 Geography with Field Studies and GCSE coursework sessions

White City: Regeneration

White City has a fascinating history from agricultural (farming and market garden) economies to industrial and commercial land uses fromt he 1908 Olympics to modern day shopping, media and residential centre.  Our fieldwork day explores the heritage of the area through mapping enquiries before active data collection along a transect of Wood Lane to explore themes of place branding, successful regeneration and place making.
Links to key stage 4 Geography

Victorian Industrialisation in Hammersmith

An introduction uses maps and photographs to trace the changes which occurred in Hammersmith during the 18th and 19th Centuries. This is followed by a trail which visits important local sites and highlights features of the period.
Links to key stage 3 History.

Habitat investigation

A visit to the river foreshore to observe and describe the conditions in a local habitat. Through river dipping students are given a chance to record and identify invertebrate life and environmental conditions in the river. They also consider feeding relationships, adaptations, invertebrate classifications and the limiting factors which are important in this habitat.
Links to key stage 3 Science.

Cultural Heritage of Shepherds Bush Market

A tour of the market where students will learn about the history, changes and cultural influences. The aim is to discover how the market started off as a traditional London street market and has evolved into an ethnically, culturally and socially diverse shopping experience in West London, reflecting how our city is developing and growing culturally today.
Suitable for upper KS2 and KS3 History and Citizenship.